Villa Schi√łtz

The villa is situated on the coastline of Karrebæk Fjord. From the villa there is an undisturbed view of the meadow areas and the fjord behind. 

The central part of the house is the double height living and dining area. From the ground floor a massive brick staircase with an embedded fireplace leads to the second floor office space. The double height space is defined by the two story high windows on both sides, offering views through the house from the private garden and roof terrace to the fjord on the other side. The central space accesses the open kitchen, service areas, and bedrooms in the corners of the building.

The villa is clad in pale white/yellow bricks, the U-profile glass walls of the entrance and service kitchen are insulated with translucent insulation. The building has a geothermal heating generator and photovoltaic panels and meets the requirements for the Danish Low Energy Consumption Class 2.