Villa Fausager

The client for this villa is a boat builder.  He required two houses, one for living and the other for boat building workshops. The corner site he acquired featured a steep terrain, sloping down almost 3 meters toward the street.

CASA’s solution was to shape the two houses into long bars and place one on top of the other in a cross-shaped plan configuration. The lower and partly subterranean house contains the workshop and entrance.  From here access to the living areas upstairs is gained.  The upper house is cantilevered and creates a car parking area integrated naturally into the building’s form.   An open kitchen/living room extends to terraces on top of the workshop house, which gives private outdoor rooms to the living spaces on both sides of the house within the visually open building site.

All rain water from the roof is collected in a reflection pool; from here it is filtered for use for the washing machine and the toilets.