Nyborg Gymnasium

The new Science wing for Nyborg High School is located on the sloping area between the old lecture hall and the boarding school with its student residence.

Conceptually, the building can be conceived as 9 rectangular boxes, 3 on each of the 3 levels, rotated and stacked on top of each other. The boxes contain the 9 classrooms. The space in between has been laid out with research, study and lounge areas.

In the middle the roof and floor slabs are cut through, making space for an atrium. A steel staircase curves down through the void; the underside surface of the staircase is illuminated from within. At the top a triangular skylight lights the atrium, the integrated photovoltaic panels on the south facing glass panes filter and soften the light.

At the ground floor a wide staircase facilitates student presentations as well as being an informal meeting point or study area.